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Sarah Becca’s Soups  -  About Us

So what is behind Sarah Becca’s Soups? Well, first of all my beautiful wife Sarah and her incredible tasting recipes!! But how did this company or idea start? Well…. It took me getting really sick!!! Our children are all adults so it was just myself and Sarah at home so were we eating out more often and cooking less. Unfortunately when I got sick I wasn’t able to leave the house very often. Sarah is used to being busy and likes to keep busy so she decided since we couldn’t go anywhere she would start cooking. I should say start cooking again!!! Sarah’s parents had restaurants around the Seattle area and Sarah worked in them while growing up. As an adult she spent some time working at a private school as a “House Mom” where she did a lot of cooking for a large group of hungry boys!!! As a matter of fact the “Chicken Coconut Curry” was one of the favorites with the boys!!! Sarah has also owned and operated a couple of restaurants.  So you can see that Sarah had been cooking for many years but being a businesswoman in a different industry she was busy and wasn’t spending a lot of time cooking anymore!

Sarah came up with 15 great recipes for a variety of soups, stews, curries and chowders. Oh, and by the way we ate a lot of soup getting these recipes just right. These recipes are not just something to have as a side dish or starter!! They are meals all on their own and are very hardy and thick!! A lot of time and effort went into finding the right suppliers for the ingredients for our soups. We wanted to make sure we were offering a healthy and high quality product. None of our recipes have MSG some are gluten free and a lot of it is organic.
So believing this would be a great business and knowing that people would love my Wife’s recipes as much as family, friends and myself  have, I started working on the packaging and designing the labels as well as the name “Sarah Becca’s”. I love my wife’s full name!! Sarah Rebecca!! So liking the short version for Rebecca, I called the soups “Sarah Becca’s Soups”!! Her father loves the name as well! He called her Sarah Becca all the time when she was a little girl. I can just picture Sarah standing on a chair stirring a pot of soup and her Father saying Great soup Sarah Becca!!! I am going to do my best to make sure people get to try my wife’s recipes and I believe once you try them you will be happy that I got sick and Sarah started to cook again!!

Hand Crafted in Lake Stevens, WA